Renaissance a tribute to Susan Allen

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Nick Foulk

I first met world renowned harpist Susan Allen during orientation at CalArts. I had been accepted into her musical arts program, and by second semester, Susie was my mentor.

I thrived in her astrology and improvisation courses and we formed a close bond. Her belief in my dreams was unparalleled, and her impact on my life was unmatched. School was her life and teaching was her passion.

Her final album and masterpiece, "Postcard From Heaven," was released in 2015 and is on YouTube. Unfortunately cancer spread viciously and inhibited her from attending the the 2015 International Society for Improvised Music Convention, which was held in Switzerland that year. We even had a month long holiday planned in France, but I continued our travels alone. While in Europe I missed her greatly, but nothing could compare to the loss I feel today.

She opened up her home to me when I had no where else to go, and learning harp technique while Susie lay in pain telling me about the lesson books she wanted to write and reminding me about thumb placement are memories I'll cherish forever.

She shared not only her lessons with me, but her esoteric understanding of the universe, and most importantly, her heart. I love you eternally Susie. I can't wait to play with you again.

Nick Foulk

Trait rouge

Nick Foulk

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Nicholas Foulk is a vocalist, pianist, and composer. He graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts in 2013, and was subsequently accepted into Susan Allen’s Musical Arts Program at The California Institute of the Arts. In 2017, Nicholas was a recipient of the Herb Albert Scholarship at Los Angeles Community College where he currently studies opera, choral, and contemporary vocals. 

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