Renaissance a tribute to Susan Allen

Trait Court Rouge

The Marvelous Path

A Journey into the Heart of Improvisation

A Jacques Burtin Film

THE MARVELOUS PATH — A Journey into the Heart of Improvisation.
Written, produced and directed by Jacques Burtin
Assistant director: Françoise Murillo — Editing: Jacques Burtin.
Camera: Jacques Burtin, Stephen Dagg (Canada) and Françoise Murillo (France)

With Trevor Berens, Nicholas Chase, Ben Finley, Ryan W. Gaston, Molly Jones, Mike McCormick, Vanessa Nowitzky, Sarah Belle Reid, Kathryn Shuman, Nahre Sol, Davy Sumner, Roozbeh Tabandeh, Kamil Tchalaev and Jacques Burtin.

Filmed at the Westben Centre for Connection and Creativity, Campbellford, Ontario (Canada), July 2018, in France (Ardèche, Burgundy, Paris) and in the USA (California, Massachusetts, Oregon), July-November 2018.

Dedicated to Susan Allen (1951-2015)

Thanks to Brian Finley, Donna Bennett and the Westben Centre for Connection and Creativity.

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